Ivan Tham is a Portfolio Mentor at Golden Equator, with close to 30 years of experience in the investment advisory and fund management sectors.

Prior to joining Golden Equator, Ivan was the Head of Funds Management at Kuwait Finance House in Singapore. Besides managing the company’s funds and business development, he also set up fund management operations that included a risk and compliance as well as processes manual.

Ivan was also a Senior Fund Manager for City of London Investment Group PLC, a firm specialising in fund of funds investment strategies, where he managed emerging markets closed-end funds and developed and managed new equity funds. He was also in charge of business development that included marketing to existing and potential clients as well as advisors.

As the Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of Hong Leong Group Asset Management, Ivan was in charge of reshaping, restructuring, development, branding, marketing, strategy and management of the assets and funds of the corporation.

The head of Investment Advisory at the Private Banking branch of OCBC Singapore, Ivan organised the division’s marketing, setting up of Clients’ Risk Profiles and Asset Allocation Models as well as the introduction and selection of 3rd party products. He was also successful in raising the revenues of the branch four-fold.

Holding the title of Vice President of the Bankers Trust Fund Management in Sydney, Australia as well as Singapore for four consecutive years, Ivan was a member of the team whose International Equity Fund was rated the top foreign stock fund and awarded a 5 stars rating by Morningstar (a rating agency in the US) for 5 years, a testament to his skills in bottom-up investing indexation.

Ivan also held the role of Senior Fund Manager at Rothschild Asset Management, where he managed the Group’s (including funds from the Rothschild offices in United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore) equity, cash and fixed income investments in Southeast Asia.

With his extensive experience in the managing of institutional finances for both the public and private equity sectors, Ivan understands business processes and is extremely apt at analysing companies and making sound investment calls. His sense of responsibility towards the trust placed in him by investors has been paramount to his success.

Over the span of his illustrious career, Ivan has gathered valuable experience in the finance industry across the sectors of investing with strict adherence to Islamic principles and structures, options, fixed income, warrants, bonds as well as private equity. He has also displayed his proven ability to adopt different styles of investing across various asset classes, using both top-down as well as bottom-up approaches.

Ivan has also been invited to participate in interviews with both leading newspapers as well as other media agencies, a testament to his standing in the industry.

Ivan received his Master of Business Administration (Finance and International Business) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA.