We shape the world of tomorrow by bringing capital and community together in new and inventive ways.

Our pioneering and inclusive ecosystem sparks innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration to unlock immense value for our physical and digital communities.

By combining a wealth of insights with action, we forge a brighter future for generations to come.


We build vibrant business communities to maximise opportunities for positive social and commercial impact.


We push the boundaries of future possibilities to build inventive solutions that elevate the quality of life.


We have a bias to action. We take insights and innovative ideas and put them into practice in a measured way.


“As a holding group of businesses committed to creating value beyond the financial, we envisage a world where capital and community converge to propel human potential, and inspire new and inventive possibilities.”


We invest in the future by committing our talent and resources to develop future-focused solutions that empower the next generation. Since being founded in 2012, Golden Equator has expanded within and beyond the finance industry. Over the years, we’ve been building an innovative and inclusive ecosystem that fuels meaningful connections, bringing diverse communities together to amplify the opportunities for businesses and society at large.

As an organisation that thrives on collaboration, I am truly inspired by the talent and partners that choose to work with us. Our businesses are headed by leaders in their industry who act on the Group’s ethos of “guided empowerment with ownership”. We empower our team to be creative and innovative in their approach, driven by curiosity, while providing mentorship and cross-learning opportunities to complement each individual’s growth.

We’re strong advocates of diversity and inclusion and are passionate in helping our people become the leaders of tomorrow. As a female entrepreneur, investor and leader, I also invest in businesses led by female founders and am actively committed to helping younger female leaders and entrepreneurs thrive.

As our global footprint continues to grow, we recognise the impact our businesses can have on the larger community. That’s why we’re committed to forging a brighter future as we work towards Unlocking Limitless Value.

Shirley Crystal Chua
Founder and Group CEO


We have a responsibility not only to our clients, employees, business partners, and other stakeholders, but also the broader community in which we operate. In our efforts to deepen our social impact and empower the next generation, we want to extend our influence and resources to help children and youths who have just as much potential but may not have been presented with the same opportunities through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. We have adopted three organisations which work with our target group of children and youths who are underprivileged with disabilities, or youths at-risk as our CSR beneficiaries:


Runs programmes that allow Singaporean youths 13–16 years’ old to strengthen their self-leadership via positive mentor relationships with working professionals as role models.

Provides a broad range of services for children and youth from low-income families nationwide which include supporting their current educational and daily living needs, and equipping them with skills to build a strong foundation for their future.


Unlocking limitless value