Managing Partner, International Markets

Adam Flinter


Golden Equator Group


Overseas expansion, business networking and community


Adam heads the International Markets team at Golden Equator Group, which is responsible for the Group’s overseas expansion efforts. He has established and grown Golden Equator's presence in Korea and Brunei, was a key driver in the formation of the entrepreneurship side of the business and enabled the Group in growing its networks and community across the region.

Adam is also a digital expert who has run businesses in Dubai and Singapore, mentored dozens of start-ups and assisted with the launch and expansion of multiple companies across Southeast Asia. With almost two decades of experience in management in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Adam is well versed in how to turn ideas into opportunities and connect the dots across geograhical and cultural boundaries.

Adam started his career as a journalist for the BBC before pivoting into a digital and business consultant, where he assisted the management teams of large media companies in Asia and the Middle East with new products, expansion strategies and digital transformation programmes. Before joining Golden Equator, Adam also co-founded a digital communications advisory business, working with both global brands and Singaporean companies to help them with their digital launches and marketing strategy.

A serial networker and super-connector, Adam’s expertise lies in his versatility across many aspects of a business. He can act as a CMO or CCO, find and develop new market opportunities or delve into business models to find and remedy weaknesses.


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